Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Living an Active and Fulfilling Life

by Jan Shaw

I live a very busy and satisfying life with my family and my work. It's been a great blessing to help care for my dear parents. An active California lifestyle and the demanding entertainment industry require a lot of energy, physical stamina, and mind power. To be my best, I make regular use of Maharishi's programs to enliven the inner intelligence of both mind and body.

Recently I decided to take advantage of the discount available for Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology by signing up for four health concerns at once — back pain, insomnia, digestion, and grief.

I've had lower back pain for several years. It's easily aggravated by too much of anything — especially lifting, driving, exercising, or working at the computer. After just one session, I felt the area was almost completely clear. Immediately, I could do yoga positions without the restrictive discomfort I've felt for so long. It continually surprises me now how I can bend over and feel absolutely no pain!

Within the first minute of the session for insomnia, I felt a huge flood of fatigue and tension leaving my body. I could feel muscles physically unwinding. Suddenly my head felt free from a heaviness that I hadn't been fully aware of before. I felt peaceful, relaxed and contented-much more like myself. After suffering from long-term insomnia, now I can fall asleep within 15 minutes, and stay asleep. What a difference proper sleep makes for a dynamic, creative, and happy day!

My doctor told me my diet was great, but I was not assimilating well. When I began the session for digestion, immediately I became aware of some fatigue in the digestive tract, from my throat to the base of my stomach. Then I got really hungry! Now I am so much more contented during and after eating, not feeling the craving for a big dessert to be satisfied. It's a subtle thing, but my digestion is greatly improved.

I am very lucky to have had the best Dad life could possibly offer! He was the greatest in every way — strong, intelligent, multi-talented, successful, funny, kind, generous, and always there for us. Losing him was the greatest loss I've ever known. Before this I did not truly know the meaning of a broken heart. When I started the session for grief, within the first second, a smile came upon my face! I felt extremely peaceful and happy. It used to be when I thought of my father, I would instantly feel like crying. Now, memories make me happy instead of sad.

My disorders were not debilitating, but what a relief to be free of them! "Instant Relief" is an appropriate description of my experience with Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology. It had an overall strengthening effect on my whole physiology. My chiropractor was impressed with the increased flexibility in my body. And my friends say I sound better — stronger and more like myself! I feel very fortunate that Maharishi's programs are allowing me to continue an active and fulfilling life.